Here are the common errors new developers encounter, and their solutions.

FATAL: Unable to initialize the API: createType(CurrencyId):: Cannot construct unknown type CurrencyId

You are missing the types.json file in the developer settings of the console.

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Bootnode with peer id … is on a different chain (our genesis: 0x… theirs: 0x…)

If you compiled the reef-node binary older than v3.0.1 then you will have to initialize the chain with the chain spec file, since the WASM builds are not deterministic. Just do --chain chain_spec_mainnet_raw.json.

The new Reef node has genesis bytecode embedded and no longer needs manual imports of the chain spec file.

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Error: Service(Keystore(Io(Os { code: 13, kind: PermissionDenied, message: “Permission denied” })))

Make sure --base-path is set to a folder you have appropriate permissions for. Either update the permissions of your account to access /reef/validator (documentation default) or change --base-path to somewhere else (ie. your home folder).

Weird database errors

Whenever you run into some sort of database error, purge-cache subcommand is your friend. You can do a fresh sync after the purge, and things should just work.

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