UI kit

Reef UI kit allows for rapid development of Reef based dapps for most common frontend frameworks. Currently supported are React, Vue and Angular.

What is Reef UI kit?

Reef UI kit contains pre-made components for building dapps on Reef. It comes with a consistent design language and support for most popular web frameworks.

The components can be used to build wallets, block explorers and dapps. They handle thigs like account selection, wallets, balances, token holdings, NFTs, various transaction types and events, etc.

The UI kit comes with an example set for various frameworks, available at https://github.com/reef-defi/ui-examples

The UI kit is also available on npm.

A few open-source apps built with the UI kit are:



React developers can use our reef-react-lib module that contains the Reef UI kit for the React framework.

Adding the Reef UI Kit for React is as easy as:

yarn add @reef-defi/react-lib

React examples are available here.

Furthermore, all major Reef apps are built with React, and can be used as a reference.


Vue examples are available here.


Angular examples are available here.