Reef Testnet 5

Posted May 15, 2021 by Reef Developers ‐ 1 min read

The main focus of this release is extensive testing and deployment of EVM applications on top of Reef chain. With this release we are also inviting new validators to start their node and participate in NPoS elections.

Spec Sheet | Developer Console | Block Explorer

Remix IDE

Developers can use Remix IDE for Reef chain to quickly deploy and test their smart contracts.

You can give Reef Remix a try at

Hardhat support

More advanced developers can now enjoy a native Hardhat integration. Check out our Reef Hardhat page to get started.

Testnet Faucet

The testnet faucet chatbot is live. To get 1000 REEF testnet tokens simply type !drip <YOUR_ADDRESS> in Reef matrix chat.