Reef chain v8 is live on mainnet

Posted November 1, 2021 by Reef Developers ‐ 1 min read

Reef v8 has been activated on mainnet on block 1408888.

Reef v8 is the largest blockchain upgrade since the Reef mainnnet launch on May 28th 2021:

  • Upgraded from Polkadot Substrate 3 to Substrate 4
  • Upgraded Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) to post London fork
  • Support for live chain forking in development mode
  • Support for blockchain database snapshots /w Postgres mirroring
  • Improved integration tests suite

Upgrade instructions

This release also requires node upgrade. All users must upgrade the their Reef node to 4.0.0. Chain re-sync is not required.

git checkout v8
make release

You can read more about the release here. Full node compilation instructions are available here.

Ecosystem improvements

Developers need to upgrade to the latest versions of our JavaScript and Python libraries.

Ledger Nano support

Reef chain firmware for Ledger hardware wallets is now available on GitHub. The firmware supports native Reef chain transactions related to REEF transfers, bonding and NPoS governance.

A user friendly UI with Ledger support is currently in development.

Developer support

We are inviting developers to join us in Reef matrix chat with any questions related to Reef chain. The developer chat can also be used to interact with the automated Reef chain testnet faucet.