Reef chain v7 goes live on mainnet

Posted October 13, 2021 by Reef Developers ‐ 1 min read

Reef v7 has been activated on mainnet on block 1242424.

This mainnet upgrade features multiple bugfixes. The Reef node v3.0.1 also makes it easier to start rpc/boot/validator nodes thanks to embedded wasm genesis runtimes.

The node upgrade is optional, but recommended.

Ecosystem improvements

Developers should upgrade to the latest versions of our JavaScript and Python libraries.

Remix ERC-20 Support

Reef Remix makes it easy to deploy new tokens. The smart contract deployment and verification is now fully automated. All you need to do is pick the token name and supply.

Reefswap is live

Reefswap allows anyone to create a Uniswap V2 liquidity pool for their tokens as well as trade ERC-20 tokens on Reef chain.

Reefscan EVM support

Reefscan now supports full interaction with smart contracts deployed on Reef chain.

Developer support

We are inviting developers to join us in Reef matrix chat with any questions related to Reef chain. The developer chat can also be used to interact with the automated Reef chain testnet faucet.